Maybe Podcast Mall

The new Maybe Podcast Mall! Well.. not really a mall or a store or a shop or even a place we sell things. We don’t make money from this stuff but people seem to like buying it so here it is! Links to the places where our unlicensed, unendorsed, unbelievably awesome swag can be purchased!
You aren’t supporting us when buying anything here (again, we get $0 from any of this.. no really!) but you are totally supporting us when you buy this it… just the convoluted ridiculous way we love everything!

Thank you sooo much to Alex for the designs!! Check him out online here:


“I never trained as a ninja but I can still cut you with a sword” 

You don’t always have to train to be awesome. And, if you can’t grab a sword… get a shirt!

** maybepodcast doesn’t endorse the use of swords, ninja or otherwise, used in any application that causes harm to people, animals, or underpants. Please don’t ninja nobody don’t need ninjan..

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 11.04.06 AM

“Don’t be a dick”

The shirt and saying that started it all… well not really but what else can you say about this shirt.